ACR – Automatic Filter

A key feature of this technology is the presence of a rotating shaft inside the filtering element, which drastically decreases the consumption of wash oil during the automatic backwash phase.

The filtering element is placed into a filter vessel with a very simple construction and assembly that reduces plot area requirements. The mechanical strength of the wire mesh is achieved by inserting it within two “pleated” screens which are inserted into a strong cartridge.

The shaft also ensures a very high backwash efficiency and allows the filtration phase to continue while the backwash phase takes place.



ACR Filter provides a reliable and efficient filtration of:

  • Vacuum residuum (VRDS)
  • Atmospheric residuum (ARDS)
  • Slurry Oil (SO)
  • Cycle Oil (CO)
  • Coker Gas Oils (CGO) and Heavy Coker Gas Oils (HCGO)
  • Vacuum Gas Oils (VGO)
  • Heavy Vacuum Gas Oils (HVGO)
  • Atmospheric Gas Oil (AGO),
  • Diesel
  • Naphtha
  • Amines