ACW - Automatic Filters

The ACW filter is equipped with wedge wire filtering elements manufactured with a traditional and proven technology. The filter control system can be implemented into the Refinery DCS or integrated in a dedicated PLC.

The solenoid valves on the pneumatic actuated automatic valves are wired up to junction boxes, at the skid edge. The control system operates in accordance with the logic diagrams and system description supplied by FILTREX.

ACW filter candles in wedge wire are available from 20 to 150 micron filtration degree, with backwash set point between 1.0 and 1.5 bar.

The banks operate in parallel, with each bank handling a portion of the total process flow. The housings of each bank are cleaned one by one and the banks are also cleaned one by one in sequence.

The ACW Filter provides a reliable filtration of Process Fluids:

  • Cycle Oil (CO)
  • Coker Gas Oils (CGO)
  • Vacuum Gas Oils (VGO) and Heavy Vacuum Gas Oils (HVGO)
  • Atmospheric Gas Oil (AGO), Diesel
  • Naphtha
  • Amines