Coalescer - Static Filters

Static coalescer filters are used to perform Liquid/liquid separation and Dry Gas/Liquid Separation. Coalescer filters also remove solid particles from the stream.

The coalescer filters are composed of disposable cartridges filtering elements.

Static coalescer filters provide a reliable filtration of fluids in following applications:

  • Diesel Engines
  • Power Generation
  • Industry
  • Oil&Gas
  • Environment Protection
  • Desalination
  • Chemical & Petrochemical

Liquid/Liquid Separation:

  • L/L coalescer filters are used to separate  water from hydrocarbon. This filter is composed by two phases of filtration,  Coalescing phase and Separating phase.
  • The second stage can be performed with Separator Elements (with light water contamination) or with settling chamber (in case of higher water contamination).
  • The Coalescer Elements, typically in Fiberglass, provide particle growth of liquid to be removed from hydrocarbon streams but also provide a mechanical fine filtration (5 µm).
  • The Separator Elements provide mechanical separation of hydrocarbon streams and the Filtering media is Teflon® and Impregnated silicone.

Dry-Gas/Liquid  Separation:

  • Dry Gas coalescing elements can ensure a high removal efficiencies of liquid and solid aerosols in gas applications.
  • In this application the second stage of separation is not needed.
  • Industry standard rated at 0.3 micron to efficiently capture the most difficult size contaminants.
  • High surface area, thanks to the pleated, media that can ensure very long life.
  • Wide range of materials available.
  • Beta ratio of 50÷5000 provide high flexibility for any application.