Lamellar - Automatic Filter

A fixed cleaner, positioned between two stacked disks, removes any particles, preventing any building up or adhering. During the cleaning the filtering element is rotating and the fixed cleaners remove the particles. The particles removed by the cleaners fall down at the bottom of the filter. Typical Filtering degree is 100 μm and above.

The Lamellar filter can be provided also with Automatic Steam Cleaning and Friction Gear Motor:

  • Steam Option
    When very thick fluids are used, steam is injected through a spreader with calibrated orifices in order to prevent any adhering and/or to facilitate the drainage while the filter is in stand-by. Each filtering disk and each cleaner is thoroughly cleaned while the cleaner itself is removing the impurities.
  • Friction gear motor
    Friction gear motor, greaser and rotation indicators allow a long operating life and easy maintenance.