SX/DX - Static Filters for Lube Oil

In many machining plants and for the trouble-free operation of all internal combustion engines the removal of contaminants from a fluid process stream makes that fluid more valuable and increases product yields. A static basket filter placed in a strategic location can eliminate many costly problems, protecting moving parts from wear and also acting as a monitor for the whole circuit.

The SX/DX filters are modular and can be easily coupled with other static filters or in by-pass with automatic filters.

Static basket systems are indicated:

  • as Safety Filters
  • for Pump Protection
  • for Turbochargers Protection

The features of the static basket system are:

  • Resolve the existing problems. Protection Disel engine’s injection pumps, exhaust and piston rings.
  • Minimize the impact on the environment. Since there is no need to dispose of used filter cartridges.
  • More Advantages. Simple construction and easy maintenance, does not require special tools, low operating costs, compact and lightweight.